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Being top dog in today’s market place no longer depends on producing quality services and great products alone. Your audience now has to perceive you as the best as well.

Fail to achieve this and you’re an also ran. Succeed, and you lead the pack.

To change your market’s perception, you need skillfully conceived marketing tools. Apposite advertising that actually gets read; lucid literature that demonstrates you’re the best, not one of the rest; memorable mailers that that go into action, not in the bin – and a cohesive corporate identity that projects you as the vital force in your field.

And in order to produce these powerful tools, you need a strong communications team. A team that can create finely focussed promotions, within budget and without fuss. A team that gets results.

A team like Team Communications – an experienced, all-round creative advertising and design group with an impressive track record.

We’ve helped others become, and stay, top dog – we can do it
for you.

Give us a no-commitment call to find out how.

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All Telecom Resource’s product range is thoroughly tested ‘in the field’ before it goes on our product list. So we asked Telecom Talk’s editor, Marcus Bolt, to test and assess the Orchid 308 PBX, a recently added product. Here are his findings.

This Private Branch Exchange (PBX) box was designed by Jim Mortell (he of Answercall fame – the first reliable business answerphone on the market). The claim is that it’s so packed with features and is so flexible and DIY, it’s ideal for the small to medium office.
Well, at 30 x 22 x 5cm, it’s certainly very small and can be easily wall or desktop mounted – quite unobtrusive, really.
Secondly, the £149.00 plus VAT (and with 2 free phones) package on offer from Telecom Resource makes it extremely affordable.
Thirdly, the Orchid can be programmed for 1, 2 or 3 exchange lines and carries up to 8 extensions (I said it was flexible!).
In addition, it can do all of the following: call forwarding; call transfer; call pick up; call conferencing; internal calls; direct dialling and so on. It also doubles as a doorphone. I also like the fact you could see who was on what phone at all times. A main feature is the low cost ‘auto attendant’ with press one for sales two for accounts etc. It also supplies caller display on standard phones.
One of its best features, one that really brings a touch of professionalism to the small company, is the external ‘music on hold’ function.
The Orchid 308 PBX does everything it says on the tin!
I found it easy to install, programme and use (and telephony is not my bag) – it was up and running within an hour. It truly is a genuine, DIY, ‘plug’n’play’ product. It also came with a 12 month warranty.
This product, therefore, with its wealth of features and low price, comes highly recommended as ideal for the small office.

An article in ‘Telecom Talk’, the newsletter of Telecom Resource